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Customizable templates make life easy for anyone wanting to use them. By using preformatted templates, you save time and money on designing new templates. In this article, we discuss the different types of templates and why you need them. Also, watch out for the FAQ section.

The Importance of Blank Check Templates

Checks are instruments that facilitate payment for services or goods bought. It is also a method of receiving payment for work done and paying for bills, both at the company and household level. One of the top reasons for using free check template is because handling cash is risky and untidy.

Imagine a situation when you encounter a shortage of check template blank while in the middle of processing staff payments. The situation could cause strained relationships between you and your staff.

Luckily, there are many templates you can print and continue your work without creating dramatic scenes at your organization. Printing online templates ease your stress until the time when you get a new checkbook for free.

Online blank check templates are useful for temporary use, but they surely save you from delaying supplier payments. And you won’t have to start designing on a clean slate.

Blank check templates are essential when training kids or students about check. Another application of these templates is on the creation of dummy check template used by charities for publicity purposes.

By using pre-structured check template designs, you don’t take more time thinking about the content. Blank check generators make it easy to edit check for whatever purpose. Anyways, it is always good to have editable templates such as a contractor invoice template which may be required by anyone.

Classification of Checks

Blank check is instruments of payment provided by banks. A common feature of blank check is that they have no amounts printed on them. These free blank checks are usually pre-signed, and the only thing a drawer does is to insert an amount.

Template #1

Blank Check template


Template  #2

Blank Check template

Template  #3

free classifaction cheque- Blank Check template

If you are a seller and receiving a blank check, make sure to provide the buyer a bill of sale template so that there is an authentic record of the transaction.

Template #4

Blank Check template free


The downside of using a blank check template is that a possessor can insert any amount that ends up drawing surprising amounts from a checking account. The good thing is that each check has a bank and a trace number for monitoring.

There are lots of blank check fillable templates available online just like many donation receipts available at our site. Let’s discuss the different options:

Business checks

For professional and business transactions, business checks come in handy. The formal designs of these checks have a professional outlook that grabs the attention of the payee. 

Blank checks are used by business owners to ensure business continuity during leave or vacation breaks. The use of blank checks relies mainly on trust bestowed on an employee. Keeping these blank checks in safe cabinets is the only way to stop misuse.

Payroll checks

Blank payroll checks are an option for employees who don’t prefer getting paid through direct deposits. Companies use blank payroll checks for dispersing payment of different amounts to employees.

Pre-made blank check formats make it easy for employers to implement an efficient checking system. Payroll blank check templates are very customizable to fit the needs of each employer.

Template #5

payroll Blank Check template free

Template #6


Payroll Check - Blank Check template free

Template #7

Blank Check template

Template #8

pay cheque Blank Check template free

Template #9

payroll check Blank Check template

Dollar Check

Dollar check template is available for use in completing monetary transactions. These business checks meet the specifications of standard bank checks. 

A point to note about dollar check template is the $300 minimum threshold for acceptance by the recipient. Also, to make use of and cash dollar check , the payee needs to open an account with a receiving bank. Also, you can use these General Release of Liability Form just to be on the safer side.

Donation checks

Creating a free blank check requires design skills, and in most cases, you must also be knowledgeable about blank check printing software. That sounds hectic, but there are many pre-designed blank check templates available online, like the examples posted in this article.

The purpose to make use of donation check template is to receive and make donations. If you are a charity, the samples we posted to get started on your blank check needs. If you are the person donating, it is suggested to use a decision tree template beforehand so you know you are making the correct decision.

Template #10

donation check

Template #11

donation check

Bank Template #12

donation check templates

Bank Template #13

donatioin check templates

money donation check templates for blank use

Template #15

donation check templates for blank use

Bank deposit checks

Processing to make use of a check template requires physical presence before a teller in a bank or by visiting an ATM. Most bank deposit blank check have the account number imprinted on them for secure processing.

The bank deposit templates in our review are very customizable. They are ready to print, only needing small edits to fit your requirements.

Template #16

deposit check templates blank use

Template #17

deposit check template blank use

Template #18

deposit check template rights reserved blank use

Steps for Writing Checks

When filling a check for the first time, there are high chances that you will get confused. Despite the upsurge of digital transaction platforms, check still have a special place in the business world. The main reason is that check are cheap to use and have very outstanding security features.

The check-writing process won’t take more than 5 minutes once you are at sync with the process. Initially, you will make a few errors, but as you write different types of checks, you will minimize the number of mistakes.

Now, let us look at the steps of writing a check to make the most use of it:

1. Start by writing the date

On the top right side of every blank check leaf, there is a place to write the date. Once bankers receive the check, they first look at the date to ascertain its validity. Bankers will know if they have to process the check template immediately or wait for the post date to arrive.

Note that banks aren’t legally bound to process expired check template . They honour check within the first six months as required by law.

Write down the Payee Name

A payee is a person or organization you are paying. Checks have a space labelled “Pay to the order of” where one writes the name of the recipient of the payment.

The payee’s name must be accurate, or otherwise, the check will bounce. Before writing this section of the check, confirm with the payee name for accuracy. Usually, the payee’s names must be the same as those in the passport or registration certificates for businesses. Make sure the name is correct as having the name right is absolutely critical.

Indicate the amount with a numeric figure

Near the top right, there is a place for writing the value of the check. The correct way of writing this figure is by not leaving any space to reduce the chances of manipulation.

If the figure is long, say millions, start writing from the left side of the box to fit well. And if it is a small figure, ensure you close the amount by crossing the remaining space with two lines. Also, ensure that the number is legible enough for the banker or ATM to read.

Write the worded amount

Often, the worded amount is the legal figure that banks use to process the check. Therefore, when writing, be as accurate as possible. The wise thing to do is to write in capital letters because it is less prone to alterations.

Note: When writing a check that includes cents, make sure it is a fraction of a hundred. For example, if it has 50 cents at the end, indicate it as 50/100. 

Add a memo

A memo section allows you to provide a reason for the check payment. Banks are very keen on fighting fraud with anti-money laundering practices. So, with the memo, you fast-track the process of check clearance.

Include a Signature

Your signature determines the authenticity of the check. The name and signature must match the signature record on the checking account. When the bank detects a variation, they have a right to deny payment by canceling the check template.

Free Check Template #19

check template bank money number one blank use

Check Template #20

check template bank money blank use

Check Template #21

bank money check template one time use

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a blank check?

It is a banking instrument used for making payments for goods and services rendered. You can use them for paying bills and insurance premiums. A blank check is pre-signed and only becomes valid when the drawer writes an amount.

Q2. What is the validity period of a blank check?

When a bank issues a check, it remains valid as long as it is with the customer. Banks have tracing systems that track all checks. The only time a check becomes invalid is when banks enhance security features and do away with old blank checks.

Once a blank check is dated, then it will be valid for six months. Otherwise, validity does not apply before the indication of the date. So, for example, you can use them when a contractor starts a work after approval of a Construction Estimate

Q3. What are the limitations of using pre-printed check?

Pre-printed check is costly to print. When the stock of a check diminishes, you spend considerable amounts to print more because of design and quality issues.

Another downside is that blank check isn’t accepted everywhere;  misused blank checks can run your account into overdraft, especially if someone malicious gets hold of the check.

Q4. Is there a specific type of ink to write checks?

Generally, you may write checks with any pen. But you need to be careful not to use pens that use washable ink. Gel pens are amazing for writing checks because it doesn’t react to acetone.

Beware that using the wrong pen may create a loophole for fraudsters to forge your check. With solvents like chloramine, bleach, benzene, carbon tetrachloride, and acetone, a fraudster may erase details from a check and write theirs.

Q5. Should I be wary about ordering checks online?

There is no harm in ordering checks online. The practice of ordering checks online is common. Even banks order checks from printers. You need to be cautious about ordering checks by only working with reputable check printers.

Q6. Where can I place orders for online check?

You can buy check from a manufacturer or a reseller. On our site, we have lots of templates you can also choose from for your check needs. The templates we provide allow you to get a sense of what check look like and help you customize the details before visiting a check printer.

Q7. Can I print checks on ordinary paper?

It is possible to print checks on regular paper. However, there are regulations governing check clearance in the US. So, many banks may not accept regular paper checks. With check truncation and MICR ink reading, the use of ordinary paper may not work.

Q8. Where can I order free checks?

Here you c an get free downloads of blank checks. You can customize the checks accordingly. 

Q9. Are duplicate checks necessary?

With automation, there is no need to make duplicates for check duplication. Once the check clearinghouse processes a check, the details reflect on your checking account. You can then proceed to print a statement from your account, but if you have notifications, it is simple to know what is happening in your account.

Q10. Are blank checks secure?

Blank checks are secure as long as its printing follows the ANSI paper specifications. However, the best way to secure blank checks is by keeping them safe. A worthwhile investment would be purchasing a lockable safe for storing checks.

Other Blank Check Templates

Check Template #22

blank check template of bank money one time use

Check Template #23

bank money check template

Check Template #24

bank money check template


So, these are some printable blank check template design that you can download. If  you have any suggestions, please send it to us.

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