13+ Contractor Invoice Template Example [Google Docs]

As a contractor, you may need to prepare invoices as a way of requesting payment for work done. The amount on an invoice could be for goods or services rendered. Invoices protect suppliers from inconveniences caused by delayed payment for work. 

By providing an invoice, the project owner becomes obliged to pay for a completed project.

In this article, we sample the different types of professional invoices you could use for billing different kinds of contracts. Be sure to download a few for reference and editing. The article seeks to make it easy for anyone who is struggling with self-creation of invoice.

HVAC and Refrigeration Invoices

HVAC Free Contractor Invoice Template


Sage is a reputable global accounting software company that offers advanced accounting systems. The firm provides a free invoice for plumbers which you can download directly on Microsoft word and edit it similar to a blank check template.

For plumbers working on commercial and residential property, this is a free tool that is ready to use without incurring an extra cent. Just go to the Sage website and you may start exploring the service.

The good thing about this invoice is that you may use it in word or excel version, the choice is all yours. With the invoice, it is easy to edit the contact information and also remove the lines you don’t need similar to a Construction Estimate


 Free Contractor Invoice Template

Freshbooks enables you to download Simple Invoice pretty fast and professionally as well. The invoice allows you to price items to use during HVAC cleaning. 

You can edit it in Microsoft Word using a predetermined format. Freshbooks won’t charge you a cent for using this one.


Freshbooks Contractor Invoice Template


The next HVAC invoice is this from Sample printable. The critical details go on top then what follows is the description of work. It captures everything in a glimpse, making it easy to track when a payment is due.

Besides, there is a clear breakdown of costs for project owners to understand what they are paying. Each cost has a subtotal to ensure accountability for every dollar spent just like one should do with a donation receipt template.


HVAC Contractor Invoice Template with due date


Here is another simple HVAC invoice suitable for small contracts services. It has four columns for capturing details, and the date comes just below the title. This one is ideal for maintenance jobs that don’t need more information. Also, you can use these General Release of Liability Form just to be on the safer side.

Electrical Contractor Invoice Templates


Electrical Contractor Invoice Templates


Electricians are always in the field and have no time to find and deploy complex invoices. The above template allows electricians to download a customizable invoice template that is very easy to use.

This one is editable on excel with simplified cells for quick filling. On the bottom part, there is a summary of all costs making it easy for the project owner to reflect on the costs without wasting time. Along with this, it is suggested to use a decision tree template beforehand so you know you are making the correct decision.

Flooring Contractor Invoice Template


Flooring Contractor Invoice Template


A good flooring contractor invoice captures all the necessary costs for services and work done on the floor. Typically, floor works/services don’t require a long list of materials, and therefore the above one works well for floor construction and renovation. 

Flooring invoices back up the agreement and scope of work detailed in the deed. The above printable is the right choice because it shows the hourly rates for work done and also the number of days before the invoice is due. 


Flooring Contractor Invoice Template


The above pdf is not a stand-alone invoice per se. It is an agreement with an invoice integrated to it and captures several aspects of subcontracting client work including pretty much everything done for the business. 

The section on payment is very critical because it shows the time in hours when the services/job commences and when it may end. Another part is the section way below, which details the scope of client work that usually goes to an invoice.

Logistics Contractor Invoice


Logistics Contractor Invoices

The above payment template from templates.net is a comprehensive independent contractor invoice template that captures more information that other invoices don’t. 

This form captures:

  • Addresses to deliver the invoice
  • Rates of payment before the actual break down
  • Account details(The bank, branch, account name and account details)
  • The company preparing the invoice
  • A table showing the date of client work, personnel assigned, workflow, hours put to the job, location and distance traveled.


A detailed invoice substantiates the payments stated for the project owner to evaluate the quality of client work. For a logistics independent contractor, the invoice captures the distance covered during work travel.


 logistics contractors


The payment template above is a general-purpose invoice prepared on a landscape format for full view needs. You may use the free contractor invoice template to track a logistics worker and the client work they do while on travel. With a single job number, you capture different aspects across the well-organized columns.

There is a provision for taxation, subtotals and shipping costs that contribute to the total value of the invoice. Even if a worker didn’t travel, the details show a buyer how the final price was derived.

Construction Contractor Invoice


Construction Contractor Invoices


Construction work takes time, and needs several components to contribute to the final project. An invoice, therefore, provides details of the costs incurred during the construction process.

To make sure it easy to invoice, you require a template that captures every detail of a construction project. The above excel invoice is a perfect example of a template you may use for a construction consultancy.

This independent contractor invoice template has a space for describing the services offered as a narrative. At the bottom, there is a summary of the costs incurred at each site. Being an excel sheet, you may create different invoices by copy-pasting the template on separate sheets.


#11contractors and freelancers invoice for business clients payment amount


Here is another comprehensive template suitable for independent contractors and freelancers. The format of the invoice makes it easy to edit with any pdf editor.  For ease of communication, the template provides a space for capturing all contact information about the independent contractor.

Every line of client work has a space for a description, and there is a fee schedule to tick months for any recurring fees. For validity, there is a place for the independent contractor, freelancer and employer to sign.

Auto Repair Invoices

Auto Repair Invoices for business clients with contact details and invoice date


Auto repair contractors do technical jobs that require a sense of clarity in the work order. So, when preparing invoices, every aspect must be captured in a way that makes sense to a contractee. The template above is an example of a concise template of use in the auto repairs sector.

There are checkboxes to show the type of repair works. Then on the labor, they have generous space for capturing the description. 

And for authenticity, the template features an authorization cell that captures the dates when work was assigned. Besides, there is a space for an authorizer to sign.

This smart sheet template is editable with any pdf editor. 


#12smart sheet template for contractor services payments business clients


The next auto repair invoice template is very simplified. On top, it records the date when the car was received and may also have the client insurance information (claim number).

For parts replaced, there is a description of each component, quantities for each and the totals. It has a space to indicate the amount a customer still owes. On the bottom, there is a thank you message as a sign of excellent customer service.

To use the above form, you only require a pdf editor.

General Invoice Templates


General Invoice Templates contractor services for business clients


General contractor services invoice templates work for construction and other sectors, especially if the independent contractor is selling a product or service. The templates show every detail, including unit and total prices, together with the description so he can get paid.

With the template design, you may sample and select the different designs that meet your preferences. The template is an excel spreadsheet with several formats on different excel sheets. 

The format allows you to upload the organization’s logo into a provided space. There is also a provision to write special notes and instructions to the client.

Note: Never send an excel version to a client because anyone can amend the template. Ensure you convert it to PDF before sending.


professional invoice template for a contractor services to business clients payment


Lastly, let us look at the professional invoice template from smart sheets. Any contractor can use the template without needing to do further designing. There is a place for uploading the logo and flexible space to add remarks about the invoice.

What is outstanding is the terms section also has a section including the number of days since the payment is due. You may want to edit that as well. Working with excel invoices like this one is instrumental in achieving successful billing and to get paid.


For contractors in different sectors, the templates on review in this article make it easy for you to create customizable invoices with an invoice number.

They save you time and are very professional in the general outlook and help you to get paid. Whether you are in construction, automobile, HVAC, flooring, Logistics or is an electrician, this is the best place to get started. You may want to pick one of the forms and enjoy a professional billing experience. Also, do not forget to keep coming back for more templates that keep your business alive.

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