37+ Donation Receipt Template Download (DOC, PDF) 

Donation templates are used to generate a proof of donation made to an organization. Whether a donation comes from an individual or a company, issuing a receipt is a show of accountability. Even for donations in kind, where the money is not involved, it is pertinent to generate a receipt with the monetary equivalent of the items donated.

IRS requires that charities receiving donations exceeding $250 must substantiate and disclose critical details as a justification. The following details must be included as per IRS requirements:

  • Non-profit Organization’s name
  • Size
  • Description of in-kind donations
  • A statement confirming that donations were not received in exchange for goods
  • Statement showing that donations (especially religious) were made for intangible benefits
  • Date
  • Acknowledgement

In this blog, we sample different types of forms that are suitable for different types of givings.

Non-profit Donation Receipt Templates

1. 501 (c)(3) Nonprofit Donation Receipt Template

A 501 c 3 donation receipt is used by non-profit organization that receive tax-exempt donations in the US. The example above has to make sure it captures important details about the donor, which assures users of accountability.

The form is easy to use; you only need to update the details to fit your organization. The receiving one also acknowledges the customer’s donation with a ‘Thank You’ and also states that the Non-profit organization has followed IRS requirements for receiving a donation. You as the donor should also use a General Release of Liability Form just to be on the safer side.



2. Charitable Donation Receipt template


Charitable Donation Receipt

This is a simple version of a donation printable that captures everything in one page. With this one, you can track money, goods or services donated by a well-wisher. Organizations with tax-exempt status can use this printable version just like a check template.

Here is the link to find it

3. Donation Receipt Template

Donation Receipt Template 01

With this type of donor printable, there aren’t any complications or confusing words. It is straightforward in what it captures. You get a quick glimpse of the donor’s name, date of receipt, number, and whom the money is coming from. The advantage of this is that if a donor makes multiple donations, you can list all of them in a single one. Along with this, it is suggested to use a decision tree template beforehand so you know you are making the correct decision.

4. Donation Receipts for Foundations

Donation Template for Foundations

Foundations use this to track donations such as goods or services according to size and payment methods.

Corporate Donation Receipts

5. School Donation Receipts

School Donation Forms

School forms make sure to allow you to select from a list of items to donate. It also provides a space for describing the donation services in detail.

#6 Official Donation Receipts for Income Tax Purposes

Income Tax education Purposes

For tax deduction and advantage, individuals and businesses making donations are eligible for tax breaks. These will contain important details like name, BN number for Canadians, eligible amounts location, and authorized signature.

#7 Polar Plunge Donor Receipt

Polar Plunge

Polar Plunge Donor Receipt is another place to get free donation printable. The above example shows one generated from the site. Apart from capturing money, merchandise, and goods or services, this also includes a place for inserting pledges.


It allows you to customize the above printable to suit your needs. It captures all essential details including the department receiving the donation goods or services.

9. Fundraiser Results Summary for donor

Fundraiser Results Summary

After a fundraiser, the above tax printable is essential since it details funds raised and expenses relating to the event. Below the Fundraiser results summary, the donor has a section they fill to help them get tax relief.


An excel donation printable is a flexible and easy to edit receipt available for free. It records all details in an economical space, one excel sheet page can support 3 . Here is the download link for the excel file.

11. Customizable donation receipt

Customizable donation receipt


This one gives you an allowance as to the info you would wish to add to your printable . Take this format and design one suitable for your organization.

12. PTA Donation Receipt

PTA Donation Receipt

PTA donation printable is flexible in that you can use it to capture cash and in-kind donations on one page. There is space to write the consideration for each donation-the actual benefit resulting from the gift. The director of the charity has a section to authorize the document through signing. Also, for tax places, the donor can refer to the IRS EIN at the bottom of the page.

13. Donorbox


Another online method of generating receipts is Donorbox. All a donor does is to input details, make a donation, and the system will generate a printable.

In Kind Donations

14. Vehicle Donation Receipts

Vehicle Donation Receipts

You can create a vehicle donation receipt from e-forms. With this form, you indicate whether you are classified as a 501 c3 registered or not. This form allows the IRS to know if you qualify for tax exemption or not.

15. In-kind donation receipt

This is a simple form, suitable for multiple in-kind donations that include goods and services. With this one, you can capture more than 20 lines of donations. It indicates the quantities for each line and value.

16. Goods

This is similar to the in-kind receipt, but it only records the list of items in the form of goods. It also shows a notice to indicate that the donor values the goods.

17. Goodwill Donation Receipt

Goodwill donation receipts created from e-forms lists for all items sent to a charity organization. The printable may be used to claim tax deduction. The IRS will require you to estimate the values of items sent and also don’t forget to add the quantities.

18. Non Cash Non Cash

The non-cash donation receipt records details of a donation together with the estimated value, tax id, name of donor and the recipient

19. Donation form with appraiser

Donation form with appraiser


This is another version of the donation form with appraiser’s details including a description of the donation.

20. Typed Receipt

A typed donation receipt takes the letter format. It describes the nature of donation, value, and purpose. Remember to capture the Donor’s name, their address, and the organization’s tax ID.


Donor Receipt for Multiple Goods

With this kind of donation printable, you get a comprehensive list of the different categories of goods sent from one page.

22. Library

Library donation printable allow you to acknowledge donations coming to a library. Donations could be books, bookmarks, shelves, or computers.

23. Medical Equipment Donation Receipt

Medical Equipment with name
The above one is suitable for use in receiving in-kind donations in the medical sector. It has a place with a NOTICE that donors do the valuation for donated items. It has a part for a declaration by the appraiser and also one for donor acknowledgement.

#24 Equipment Equipment with organization name may make information charity need include

You issue this to companies that donate physical equipment like computers. The valuation of items on the list is an entitlement of the donor.

Individual Donation Receipts

25. Donation Form

Donation Form


A donation form is a good way of getting an individual donor to commit to a worthy cause by a non-profit.

#26 Silent Auction

Silent Auction Receipt
A silent auction is a bid for items on offer where the highest bidder wins the bid. So, whoever wins in the silent bid will get a silent auction printable .


This one is good for use via email. You can quickly edit it and copy paste to your email

28. Donation Receipt Form

Businesses get this donation form for donations given. The EIN number is properly labelled on top for use by the business in completing tax returns.


30. Golf Charities Donation

Golf Charities Donation TemplateGolf Charities

Donations from golf charities to tax-exempt nonprofits may use this type of form, it indicates items donated, contact, and addresses of the donor. Note that it starts with a thank you message.

31. Sample Acknowledgement Letter

Sample Acknowledgement Letter

This is more of a worded donation receipt. It touches on the emotional side of the donor as it is customized with their name and signed by the director of the receiving organization.

32. Individual/ Company donation tax receipt

You can use this multipurpose printable to account for individual or corporate donations. All you need to do is to tick on the appropriate box and check the boxes to specify where the donation is coming from.


include charity organization name and information

This in-kind receipts captures critical aspects of a donation. The printable allows you to state the program that benefits from each donation.

34. Printable Fundraiser Receipt 

Printable Fundraiser - include charity organization name and information

This is a simple one powered by Sample Templates. It has three designs for you to choose your favorite and the form is editable on Microsoft Word.

Church Donation Receipt Templates

Churches run most of their activities based on charity. Priests and Pastors conduct missions using donation money. They also receive money to help the needy through specific funds used for different welfare projects. Consequently, they need donation receipts to account for gifts from their congregants and well-wishers.

Let’s look at a few church forms:

35. Catholic Church Donation Receipt

include charity organization name and information


The above form is an example used by the Catholic church to receive donations. The downside to this form is that they have a disclaimer that shows that they don’t guarantee a tax-deductible donation. On the brighter side, this is a reliable form because it captures the EIN number, which makes it easy to track any donation.

36. Church donation in Memory of a Loved One

Church donation in Memory of a Loved One

This form is good for raising funds to do small church projects while remembering a departed loved one. In this example, the church is raising funds to print extra hymn books. They include the name of the person you wish to remember inside the front cover.

37. Church Building Fund 

Church Building Fund - make sure to include charity organization name and information

This form allows you to decide the interval or trend of giving towards a church building project. For example, you may give a lump sum or regular giving weekly, monthly, or yearly. It allows you to select the mode of giving which can either be by bank or envelop using this example.

38. Church Receipt with Duplicate

Church Receipt with Duplicate

A receipt with duplicate sides allows the organization to have a record copy of a gift received.


When shopping for a donation receipt template, look online for unlimited free resources. We have sampled a few, but there are many more to consider. The most important thing to check is the comprehensiveness of the printables. Also, look at the purpose(is it for individual, in-kind, corporate or church purposes?) of wanting a receipt. Refer to this guide as a start point and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

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